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Been taking their superdrol for two weeks.
1 CC 50mg pre workout about an hour and half. I've experienced little to no PIP.
Been eating carb heavy. I've filled out A LOT. It's really strong though eh. My aggression and anxiety has come out a little more than I'd like and been fighting more with the old lady. Strong gear always causes this for me. My strength is way up like it is whenever I take orals. Overall im pretty pleased. Another solid product from Dracorex.


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a Review from an older guy at my gym. He was on prescribed trt at 175mg, lost his benefits so was looking for something more economical. 2 months later of running the same dosage his blood test came back in the same range as when he was using script test.
I think this goes to show the quality and dosing of dracorex products.


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Their gear is legit. As good as the stuff I would get in the US, and def better than the stuff I was previously using.

I have to say the injectable superdrol is intense. VERY potent. Strongest oral I've used since the bolasterone days (that shit was nuts). I'm only using 10mg/day otherwise my BP gets jacked and I can barely think straight. Muscles have filled out a ton in 2 weeks, and pumps are crazy.. even on a restricted keto diet. I'll run it another week then let my liver rest.

The heartburn though...
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Using Dracorex trt...Test Decanoate now to cruise. Post injection 24hrs now and no pip whatsoever...definitely brewed well! Very very smooth injection and I’m planning on pinning 1ml/200mg once every ten days or three time per month for the next couple of months!