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Back to golfing, quite enjoy the sport. Anyone else throw a club around?! Gorgeous weather for it on the east coast!

love golfing, the kid is now getting into it too. I went golfing with him and my dad the other day, pretty special.
Hey, So here I am. Hubby (Griffin), convinced me to register. So what am I all about?? Okay.... I’ve been training consistently now for about 30 years. Competed successfully at an amateur level back in the day, and for some reason since.....just keep at it. Love it. Can’t see me stopping.
Say no to mandatory vaccination. It’s coming. Say no! Vaccinations lower your immune system up to 50% a year. Just in time for the good old flu shot ;)

bill gates has openly admitted to wanting Depopulation!!!!! And we trust him to make a vaccine for us???

just get informed if you aren’t already. Say no.
I want to be tested for the antibodies before they figure they can force me to vaccinate.
I dont get the yearly flu one now. I can’t remember the last time I got a sever case of the flu.
Just say no. Tell everyone you know to say no. Or at least tell them to look into bill gates and see what he is about and what people he has on payroll ;)

he wants to depopulate the earth. Said it clear as day.