Canadian Brawn T-Shirts $15 each plus shipping


What size shirts you have left how much for two and where do you want they money sent? looks like your going to need on line retail ..
the sizes fit large.

I have small, medium, large and xl left
they are a nice shirt

send me an email if you are still interested in a shirts or shirts :)

millenium girl

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Tshirts should be black. Otherwise they look dirty/filthy after you hit the gym once or twice. Just sayin'

millenium girl

Just her
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Where is my t-shirt? I'm your guardian angel, I deserve one :p


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If I get drunk enough here in Mexico maybe you'll see this shirt again in the "wet t-shirt contest" thread as well lol
XXL but xl would work if the fabric is stretchy enough
Awesome! I want one! How do we go about making this happen?