The T-shirts have arrived,,, here is your chance to score a free T-Shirt :)


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Do you have any small? Or can you order one for me please one small when you order xxl?


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The T-shirts have arrived. I have small, medium, large and x-large

The first 5 people that email me can have a free shirt if they agree to post a picture of them wearing the shirt.

(you can cover your face or black your face out for the picture)

Email me an address to mail the shirt to, your size and your promise to post a picture of you in the shirt.

[email protected]

If you camera shy you can always have your significant other or insignificant other pose with the shirt on :)

Emails only. you can post here but I am responding to emails only for the giveaway.
Just wondering … Are you ordering in any 2 or 3xl's?