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@Big-SIV this is the fist time I’ve read about someone using aspirin to reduce bloat. How many mg of Aspirin are you taking and do you find that it also helps w/ stomach distension? I cut my courses short because of this. I may have to experiment.
I found that it did help with the bloat. I read somewhere that it might help, so i tried it, and i found that it helped with the bloat and water retention. As far as mg, it was just one or two of the chewable a day. I have ran MK for up to 8 months and found that after about a month the bloat would subside a bit. I do feel much can be said about proper diet and water intake, as well as sodium. Cheers


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I have heard so people report good results with 10-15mg per day and it resulted in no bloat. Has anyone tried this lower dosage?

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I’ve tried 12.5mg but not effective for me at that dose. 25mg ED is optimal for in terms of recovery, strength and muscle gains without much in the way of bloat. Improved sleep and a fairly big increase in appetite as well


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I took MK-677 @ 25mg for three months and the my strength went up a lot surprisingly but the hunger pings where to much for starting a summer cut.
I started taking 12.5mg a day for the last month and the hunger pings are gone but it also seems some of the strength is gone also..


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Been using it for a few months - 10 days on and 10 days off or 5 days on and 3 days off. i read multiple posts/reports this should help the body from becoming desensitized to it (if that is a word)...
I didn't get bloating or too tired but it made me hungry. I've used 15-30 mg per day.
good luck


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Has anyone suffered bad anxiety attacks from taking mk for long periods like a year? I started having problems that I thought were physical that turned out to be mental. I had been on MK for a long period at the time. I read some sort of study that said MK can mess with the part of the brain that ptsd comes from. I don’t know if this is correlated, but I have developed anxiety issues I never had before.