Why use nolva with dbol?


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Not to my knowledge. Make sure your diet is in check and an Aromatase inhibitor would be much more effective for water retention


If you’re prone to gyno, starting a cycle with Nolvadex until you get your AI dialed in is a good idea. I have to do that myself.
If you’re not prone to gyno then you shouldn’t have to worry about it.
I wouldn’t be running an AI to try and control water retention either. You should be running it to keep your E2 in check.
As @Beothuk stated, eat clean and that should help.


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I agree with the above suggestions. Nolva is a SERM, which means that the compound attaches to estrogen receptors in areas of the body. With the SERM attached to the receptor, estrogen can not attach to those receptors and cause growth and all the other things estrogen does to the body. However it does not affect the amount of estrogen circulating in the body, so estrogen still effects those areas which do not have estrogen receptors. Water bloat is an example of an area or process in which a SERM has no affect.

In order to lower your overall estrogen levels you must use an aromatase inhibitor or an AI, such as aromasin or arimidex. These compounds block the enzyme called aromatase which is responsible for converting androgens into estrogen. Using an AI results in a reduction of the overall estrogen level in the body, thereby reducing the negative effects of estrogen for bodybuilders like gyo and water bloat. Its important to ensure that you get your AI dosage level correct for optimal effect as too little estrogen will also have negative consequences like mood changes, low libido, and muscle growth reduction. If using an AI start at 1/4 of the tablet dose and work your way up until you find your optimal level.


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Nolva will do nothing for water retention as that is not its job. Its job is to block certain receptors from using estrogen. As was mentioned above an ai is needed to control e2 levels and if they are controlled properly your water retention should be as well.


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Last cycle i was taking Adex .5mg EOD while running 200 Tren E 400 Test E a week.
I got a small lump under my right nip. Was surprised it happened because i was taking the Adex after the first week went by. Ran maybe 10 weeks before i couldn't workout anymore. Used some Caber but had tonuse a few pills to get rid of it


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Ive never ran dbol because I'm extremely gyno prone.

Has anyone (who is very gyno prone) been successful at preventing gyno by running nolva alongside dbol ?


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Like stated above.. wont reduce water. It will only hurt your gains.
If you want to reduce water retention keep a strict clean diet, low sodium intake and lots of water