Whats your favorite protein powder?


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Magnum Quattro vanilla is soooo damn good


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Organic rice protein from Canadianprotein.com I don't do well with whey and such the rice protein is an excellent alternative. I also only take powdered protein post workout otherwise my protein comes from solid food the rest of the time. (Powdered protein doesn't keep me full for more the 1 hour and I usually have to have a solid protein meal sooner after the powdered protein meal)


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Used to be on Canadian Protein. But ever since trying Rule 1 - I will not switch. The flavours are 100% Better than Canadian protein.

Red velvet, lightly salted caramel, chocolate fudge and cafe mocha are my faves!

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allmax isoflex
Gold standard optimum nutriton
hydrowhey optimum nutrition
Casein optimum nutrition

P.s I used some proteins that made me look awful that I’ll never use again like mutant, kaizen

Never liked allmax a few years ago but it seems they changed the formula
I usually stick to optimum nutrition, i try and get it for $10/pound (gold standard) on clearance or sales. Cheapest I got was $36 for 5lbs of gold standard
Was on clearance for $40 plus 10% off
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