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Welcome "@JTF84" to Canadian Brawn. I am very happy you have joined us. I hope you will be an active member and participate in the forum. We are a community of like minded individuals encompassing all ages and experience levels. We are here to help and support you in your goals. Please take a moment to reply to this thread with some information about yourself. Where are you from, how old are you, your experience level and what brought you here are good things to share.
Thank you

Thank you for the warm welcome. I recently turned 35 and after doing blood work from last year and again this year i have decided to venture into the world of researching beginner protocols for aas. Stumbled upon this site looking for a review on a lab i want to purchase from. Right now my TT levels are at mid 300 range and after trying various natural remedies + changes in diet, i havent really noticed a difference.

Im 5'9
17% bf
southern ontario

Have been training for 15+ years naturally and while my physical dimensions and lifts are good for the average gym go'er - i feel its time to supplement it with some accoutrements to help get past natural ability. Just going to be running an entry level Test-E cycle at 400mg per week for 12 weeks.

Thanks for reaching out and would appreciate any feedback members may have,


"Only one cycle"
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Start a thread with any questions you may have, it will get more exposure than here.