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Hey all,

Hope everyone is having a great day so far. I wanted to tell everyone about our new prices. We want our test to help EVERYONE and for that reason we are giving or Vitamin and Mineral test away for $37.

It is simply an AMAZING test, I have used it for years with my clients and just everyday people who want to take the guess work out of buying vitamins.

If you just want to see what it's all about we are giving away the Vitamin D test FOR FREE!

If you want to learn more simply ask me here or watch some of our videos HERE


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I will do this at some point.

The 2 vitamin D test I had done with the doctor I was deficient
I will do this at some point.

The 2 vitamin D test I had done with the doctor I was deficient
I've had a few tests done with doctors over the years and something always felt off about it. Now, I am not knocking the Medical Industry - I think everything has their place in health and healing. Anytime I asked for a vitamin test with my Doctor she asked why I wanted it and then agreed she would test me for Vitamin D, calcium and iron. THREE lol. What the hell good is that? Then when I asked for more she sent me to a private lab and you have no idea what the fee is until you show up. $499 to get 12 vitamins tested. I looked online and found other testing companies...but the same results. Let's Get Checked is another popular site but my god the prices. $109 to test just B12??? It is absurd...I mean truly absurd to charge that to check 1 water soluble vitamin.

Lets Get Checked Pricing.png

I use my test with all of my clients and it's really time people stop getting gauged by the medical community. $109 FOR ONE VITAMIN...honestly it bothers me every time I see it. And the worst part is all you leave with in a sheet of paper that says something like:

Vitamin D, 25-OH, <30 LC/MS

That isn't helping ANYONE.

Our results look like this:

Report - Crop.jpg

Anyhow, I ranted enough lol. Please feel free to use it and if you ever want to use it with your clients DM me.