Tutanota email news


when you have issues with Tutanota try a different browser or watch for a refresh version button and click that or downloard the latest version of your running their client program. They do updates now and then and when they do sometimes a person can have issues. those of use logging into on a regular bases are typically okay but those of you that log in just every now and then typically have issues come up now and then.

they are doing an update soon

""We have implemented compression for emails so that your future emails will need less storage space. In order to activate this new feature, we have to disable old Tutanota client versions. In the week starting October 7th, we will disable all Tutanota clients older than Version 3.59.8. Normally your clients update automatically and there's nothing you have to do. Should this not happen in your case, please make sure to install the latest version beginning of October.""

so if in October you have an issue hopefully this helps you get back in.


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Damn I got signed out and I forgot my password