Review of ostarine


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Not sure if I can mention where I bought so I won’t until I know.
I tried three different Ostarine products at both 10 and 25 mg. two we’re pill form and one was liquid. I am/was hoping it would help with injuries but it didn’t.
It may have helped with keeping some muscle on during long rest periods due to those injuries but I didn’t get much from it. It is recognized as the safest and most tested SARM and from my perspective does the least.
Just my experience - I’m sure many have great luck with it, I wish I did as I prefer to go the safe route.
I ran it for 30 and 60 days to ensure there was enough time. Other SARMS - I noticed immediately in both growth, strength, and vascularity.


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I've run Ostarine for up to 10 weeks with absolutely very little in the way of body recomp or mass gains. I did gain a bit of strength, but nothing compared to even a low dose of test. It also suppressed my HTPA quite noticeably (albeit nothing like true AAS). I was using it during a cut, and I saw very little from it. I purchased it from 2 sources, and took half a dose of each for every dosing. Perhaps one was bunk and the other was fine... I'm not sure. All I know is that 25mg combined of both (liquid) did almost nothing for me.

I too chose it because of how safe it seemed to be, no vision issues, no GH analogues (with their whole host of other sides etc.)