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Hi folks:

I thought I should get this done while my memory was fresh.

I completed a 16 week diet plan with Funnyman Saturday January 25th. I did manage to gain 10 lbs and lost about 8% body fat. While this is quite significant the truth is it barely scratched the surface of what changed.

Some of you may remember when I joined this forum. I was reaching out for help. I was in a significant life changing accident there is no returning from. The only choice is to forge a new future.

Floundering badly with a lack of understanding how to stabilize my energy level, hormones, weight, body fat and ability to build muscle after decades of training and power lifting success was confusing. I was basing all my theories on my being in my 60's, the medical complications and available medical information.

Short answer I was starving myself. I was not getting the nutrients I needed in the foods I was eating. I was eating healthy just not the right foods for me.

Funnyman sorted this shit out so fast it was ridiculous. He explained the rational and walked me through the steps. He sent photos of all the products he was recommending.

The ongoing support from him was and is helpful. I have sought and been given advice on a number of topics that keep me on the path. I have put my own son in his hands and am urging my woman and a another friend to contact him, as well.

If you think you have all the answers good for you.. Believe me your perspective can change pretty quick. Unchallenged beliefs, and contempt prior to investigation are all fatal flaws.

Hopefully this urges someone on the fence to look at the solution and not the problem.

Funnyman can and will get positive results.