I am afraid I will have to disagree


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I tore over half my pec last summer.. Doctors all said no more benching... I was given the ok to start rehab in Oct.. As of this morning I do 4 sets of 10 reps with 205lbs on flat barbell. Total poundage of 8,200lbs for my 15 mins of flat benching. Lately I add 5-10lbs to the bar each week.

EDIT: I should add....and my form is still better than 99% of the people in the gym lol
I remember when that happened @animal-inside , felt real bad for you at the time. Glad to hear you're recovering and already back on the bench! 👍


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Here are some of my favourites:

"You know GH is real because you can feel it when you inject it" wtf???

"winny drys out your joints" what does this even mean?

I know someone already mentioned it, but yes the girls who are like "i just want to tone and I don't want to get too big" like they are going to pick up a dumbbell and just blow up, I wish it was that easy.

"how much do you bench" because thats the only lift that matters and determines if you are strong or not!

"I just want to make lean gains" good luck at putting on significant size without gaining any body fat, not going to happen.

"what is the best exercise I can do for my butt" because that's the only body part you need to work on right girls?

"i can't squat because I have bad knees" this is when I just want to shoot myself right in the head!