Clen and t3


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I would highly HIGHLY advise against using steroids at your age and bodyfat percentage. I honestly really hope you don’t. You don’t need them at all. You will be able to lose weight so fast with proper dieting and regular excersize, id even confidently say you’d lose weight more efficiently without the gear because you wouldn’t be giving yourself any sides and that would inhibit your progress. Steroids don’t do the work for you. You gotta get yourself to a good starting point first. I know it’s not the advice you wanted to hear or were looking for, but I really hope you reconsider. I’m sure every member here would agree with me. The absolute best thing you can do is get training from @Funnyman. Be consistent in your training and diet and have a little patience, and seriously reach out to funnyman. He’s an expert with this sorta thing. He will help you attain all your goals, as long as your willing to do the work on your end as well.


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100% diet pls. Start training. There are no short cuts.
Get the nutrition and weight training under control for quite some time and revisit the use of AAS.

Search thru those programs that someone was kind enough to put together and post on the board for us all to take advantage of.
Since you are thinking of using Steroids now, you probably will soon but I and everyone else on here will tell you they are just a supplement to everything else.
Get everything under control naturally and then come back for advise.


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Hey guys need your help.Iam 19 years old this is my first time of using AAS.i have 45%bf how to use these substances for optimal fat loss and what are the guards I should use during on cycle and how should my calories and macros want to look like though Iam being in 25% of calorie deficit of my TDEE still Iam confused.and how to do the proper pct after this cycle.

Thanks in advance

You're going to kill your developing endocrine system.

I agree, look into Training with @Funnyman
Some of the results from the guys who use them are amazing.
A few guys look like they DID a cycle, but just ate and trained properly.

I'd take that option over AAS, instead of a short gain.. that you WILL lose, after your cycle... because you have no idea what your doing...

With a good coach, you can learn nutrition and training, those things will stick with you and help you in the future!

I'm actually starting up with Funnyman in January to help me get my nutrition and training on point.

I've been lifting and using AAS for over a dozen years, and I STILL learn so much and need a coach.

Trust me, you will really be much better off and happier in the long run


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When i was 19 i was 325 lbs at 5 foot 7. In 18 months i was 175 lean, getting all kinds of ass. I am now over 40 and still at it . Learn how to eat and train.
If i can do it you can too.