Biomed has been busted

it has now been confirmed that the Biomed has been busted

if anyone has dealings with them break ties and do not respond to any emails from them
if you have any outstanding orders with them or sent them cash and are waiting on products please contact me with your story and I can advise you what course of action you could take if any.

Be safe folks and the moral of the biomed story is labs should avoid anything to do with rec drugs.
And I would suggest staying away from any lab that has ties to a lab that is dealing in rec drugs.


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There’s a lot to be said but even more so not to be said.

Whether you’re in production, distribution, or consumption, may the universe keep you safe, healthy, and sanitary.
Not sure why these guys(girls) can not be happy selling AAS and making some decent money. Instead they get greedy and start dealing in rec drugs.

Cops really could care less about AAS but they care a great deal about coke and crystal.