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    Taper + nolva

    Hey yo anyone here ever try a slow taper of test with nolva? this is what my docs recommending
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    Help with Anxiety and Insomnia on cycle

    So I've been B&Cing for 2-years; but ala's I was planning on coming of after my Winter Vaca, but coincidentaly my fucking anxiety spiked and i developed middle insomnia as of this week, pushing me real hard to get off now. Mostly 400mg of test enth form Bodytech with a few blasts of prop...
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    Why use nolva with dbol?

    Would it help with water retention? Thanks
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    50mg eod Tren a cutter

    Well, I’m thinking of adding a short period of Tren ace, 50mg eod for 4-5 weeks. I am terrified of Tren sides, especially the sweating, lol I’m so sweaty on test Tren would kill me. I’d run it along side my current test @400/week. Plan is to drop fat.