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  1. Harley00

    Blood test ( Free androgen index ?)

    just posting up my blood test , and wondering exactly what the free androgen index is as im high is this normal , and is this a good thing ? Meaning thats the free test i have available? Not to sure.
  2. Harley00

    Let the Compound do the work.

    I hear alot of guys sayin low test and let the compound do the work. What truths are to this. I was going to drop my test down to say 300 350 or where ever i can get the best libido from. Then just run a lower npp dose say 200 or 250 ? Or lower Can a guys still expect decent results feom lower...
  3. Harley00

    PitBull Kills Owner./ It's ok to RAPE i am drunk /New Ontario law? 2 part thread.

    crazy. Pitbull kills owner so guy decides to run it over with no evidence? Is this ok. do we now dog killed women , and wasnt trying to pull her to side of rd due to another death. 2. How do we now she didnt abuse the dog ,kick the dog etc 3. What makes it right for a guy to hop in his van...
  4. Harley00

    Comedy Central,Funny Videos&Gym Fails

    lets see your funny as fuck vids. Star wars fans this one is hilarious.
  5. Harley00

    Signs of crashed E2 - video added,pretty good video on how the Ai work.6 min mark.

    Informative video for anyone interested, would pretain to more new guys so you vets prob dont need to watch. This guy is definitely a dork lol but he is funny and at the 6 min mark he gives a pretty good explanation on how the estrogen enzymes works and the ai Arimidex/aromasin
  6. Harley00


    lets ramp up the wide open page,iv created KOC because they have taken away our rights as canadian citizens, they lie , they steal i declared this thread the KOC (killers of Canada) liberal scum ,if you hate liberals and there leader then bring it hear!!!!! Post your memes,pics, news reports...
  7. Harley00

    Increasing/Decreasing weekly Testosterone Dosage

    hey guys im running a tad low on my supply, untill i get back home in a few weeks,currently takin 500mg a week of test c. Question is if i lower my dose to say 150 200 mg for a week or maybe even 2 weeks, to make it by, then start back up to 500mg in 3 weeks how long will i have to or wait for...
  8. Harley00

    Who Has The Biggest Biceps Friday Fun.

    lets take our minds of the news,get back into muscle gainz, for fun for today lets see who has the biggest bicep!!!! Most likes wins ,it sure as fak aint me, oh yeh men can play too not just the women!! Like me !
  9. Harley00

    My body says go, My eyes say no ?

    no fancy emoji's this morning, im lookin for some advice for my upcoming bloodwork. When i eat i instantly get drained, were talkin low carb, no carb, high carb ,i litterly just had a bowl of chicken and my body says yeh lets go ,i mean the test is doin its job but my eye's are so heavy its...
  10. Harley00


    Do you ever wonder where you fit in . What group your in. I prob fit into all the groups i was a floater in high school. i find this everywhere i go ,in life theres always groups and gangs like high school. The dork club The popular The loser The jock club The weirdo club The rich club The...
  11. Harley00

    Ex SMOKERS🌬& ex ALCOHOL🍺& RC CARS👻 Incredible story added ,please take the time to read it ,its very powerful

    well iv been a heavy smoker for a little over 22 years.i quit few years ago for 6 months.then back on till 2 months ago,smoke free for 2 months and feel pretty good about it . I was pretty much a pack a day guy. First time i quit i bought thrive gum and worked well ,this past time i quit was...
  12. Harley00

    Adrenosterone ? Anyone heard of this

    who can tell me anything about adrenosterone. Is it worth a try for fat loss claims of muscle gain ? So would that mean muscle protection while cutting ? Lowering cortisol levels ? Anyone use this,fat%20and%20increasing%20muscle%20mass.
  13. Harley00


    Was never a yogurt guy at all like iv prob had 4 cups of yogurt in 37 years , bought some today at al local petro was called food solutions lol yeh it didnt tell me the ingredients just a cup lol .but it wasnt to bad ,lookin for recommendations on good tasting yogurt that can be bought at a...
  14. Harley00

    📡 Canadian Brawn podcast? 🎙🎙?

    just a thought but wouldnt it be cool if we had like a voice chat help section like a podcast .for example if i had a question i could record myself askin it and the responses would also be voiced back by everyone . ? I dunno just different i guess . Also be great if ur always on the go and cant...
  15. Harley00


    (General conversation do not pm me with any drug dealers lololol im just curious is all this is strictly for conversion ) so major tooth prob yesterday and today.dropping advil aleeves together which is a no no but usally works also Tylenol and nope still hurts ice pack bope still hurts . So...
  16. Harley00

    💦Water-Retention 💦 Moon Face🌛

    So whats the best fixes for moon face and water retention , -Cleaner diet yes low carbs i know but trying to bulk up so going heavy on everything. - potassium supplements check - dandilion root ? - celery seed extract? - proviron -check - anavar - tbol - drink more water- check - keep estrogen...
  17. Harley00


    Shop local ,shop Canadian,buy Canadian support small businesses.....sure but how do we do that when you jack your prices up so high we cant afford to buy local.. Do you support small businesses and Canadian businesses or when you see the (same product) from America or china for 10 to 20 dollors...
  18. Harley00


    Fourms been fairly quiet everyone must be out enjoying the nice weather. Lets talk calories iv never knew exactly how it works. Does calories go by the week for muscle growth or by the day, say i need to eat 3200 calories a day for lean muscle growth with minimal fat. But lets say i didnt make...
  19. Harley00


    Looking for good numbers for immediately after excercise, these reading are after 1 hr workout ending in squats and very out of breath, im more concerned on the pluse being at 150? I did however take 3 readings 1 min apart sitting feet planted arm above heart. 37 years old 198lbs. Goldonrod...