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  1. LePsyber

    Nasty Weather that might come into South Western Ontario Aug 10 2020 - Derecho

    Yeeeikies!,heavy%20rains%2C%20and%20flash%20floods. Hopefully stays south but might come a...
  2. LePsyber

    Derecho - Might be hitting South Western Ontario Aug 10, 2020

    Yeeeikies!,heavy%20rains%2C%20and%20flash%20floods. Hopefully stays south but might come a...
  3. LePsyber

    Is it evil of me? Anybody with similar stories of nasty neighbors?

    On my way to dropping my son off at his job (oh man, PUHLEASE lets not discuss this. I already want to throttle the little fucker) Anyways, on my way, I had to hit the brakes because an entire family of what had to be muskrats zoomed from a small lake across the road, right in front of us...
  4. LePsyber

    Where is your favorite spot to pin?

    As I was doing my business today I was wondering where people prefer to pin. I generally do my thighs in different places of course without any issues. I was an idiot when I first started doing myself and nailed my sciatic nerve. I got three months of zaps going up my back on that deal. I know...
  5. LePsyber

    My post to my GOOD FRIENDS Thing 1 and Thing 2.

    Thing 1 and Thing 2 LePsyber>Hello, Dr Seuss, I wrote this story for Thing 1 and Thing 2. Dr Seuss> If there is anything you to need to help, please tell me what do. LePsyber>You see, Dr Seuss they’re angry, butt hurt and sad. Dr Seuss> Ahh yes, perhaps they just needed a few more back...
  6. LePsyber

    Transformer: An ex-US marine & world record powerlifter transitions to a woman

    Sorry if this shouldn't be posted here but it's quite a a video. In 2015, Matt was outed as transgender. Her sponsors dumper her, her parents disowned her, she was banned from competing, and she changed her name to Janae. This is her story...
  7. LePsyber

    Bank of Canada governor says economic recovery from COVID-19 will be 'prolonged and bumpy' Out flipping standing. Just what everybody who's been kicked in the nuts by this needs. Prayers go out to those who are gonna get kicked again. Edit> I don't think anybody really considered what turning the...
  8. LePsyber

    Is there any effect of AAS on vitamin D levels?

    I just got tested and it came back that I'm pretty low in vitamin D. I eat a pretty regular diet and take protein powder. Does anybody know if reasonable levels of AAS would knock my vitamin D low?
  9. LePsyber

    SpaxeX applies for a telecom licence in Canada as it eyes bringing internet to remote Canada. Man, talk about a godsend to all the people who are disconnected and would be disconnected...forever without satellite internet. Who...
  10. LePsyber

    Things that make you go hmmm (but I bet they won't!)

    "Unfortunately, with your statement of last night, you have chosen public spectacle over public service," Barr said in the letter. "Because you have declared that you have no intention of resigning, I have asked the President to remove you as of today, and he has done so." Trump, however...
  11. LePsyber

    BING! There goes yet another investigator who's getting fired for investigating Trump Nope, not a 3rd world dictator or lawless or feeling self-entitled by his narcissism or anything! Let's see who else Trump can get revenge on or fire them so they can't investigate him. If you think this is funny...
  12. LePsyber


    I'm embarrassed to say I was not aware of the roots of it. Good god.
  13. LePsyber

    If you think Covid is GONE, think again

    The plant my son works at is in food production. A worker just got COVID and cancelled all shifts so they can clean the whole plant. 20 US states are up as well...some of them to their highest levels since the outbreak. This shit makes it to the fall as strong as it's maintaining, it is NOT...
  14. LePsyber

    John Bolton Book - The Room Where It Happened - A Topic For General Chat. Thread bombers=posts removed?

    Mods, please remove improper posts. This shouldn't get buried. UPDATES Coming as the book comes out.
  15. LePsyber

    More Proof on Trumps Dementia. Trump Finally Captured in his Normal State

    I don't care what anybody says, every last one of those points is true. And a guy with Dementia has the nuclear codes for the USA.
  16. LePsyber

    People are comparing COVID vaccine to a Polio vaccine as far as forced vaccinations?

    Basically, when they found a vaccine for Polio, people fought it because the government made it mandatory in the US. The people in the United States went nuts. A Polio infection is one of the worst diseases around though. Attacks the spinal column and does terrible things to people. They kind...
  17. LePsyber

    So you're North Korea. They've banned you from selling anything so what do you do because you're run by a psychotic scumbag? Read inside.

    You're reduced to selling sand to a communist government these despite being in the G8+5, China just keeps fucking the West. The short of it is that North Korea is attempting to make...
  18. LePsyber

    Wuhan-The big lie gets bigger. Huh. You can lie about when you knew about COVID but your doctor's parking can't. They knew something was going down in maybe AUGUST 2019 when weird flu started coming into the hospitals? And then it took FIVE...
  19. LePsyber

    Things to do while stuck inside with the central air on on a hot 🔥 day

    Trying to write a book. Something new.
  20. LePsyber

    And there we have it. It's not like most of us didn't already know it.

    It's estimated that for every three rabid conservatives, you have three sucking the size out of his dick. It's terrible what these people do to our youth.