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    What’s your favourite beer?

    Yes the big ones are, had 2 last night😆
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    if money was no option/concern what would you do?

    WWF... It really hasn’t been the same since Hulk Hogan 🤪 Me... make knives full time, workout, Jui Jitsu, box, repeat. Eat, eat and eat. I am a foodie, so I would plan destinations around that. Get tattooed full body from all the places I travel.
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    Welcome, MikeAwesome

    Welcome aboard Mr Mike! Mike is a personal buddy of mine, the manager of the MMA gym I go to, and a regular rolling partner in Jui Jitsu (BJJ). We are lucky to have you here bud!
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    Growing on gh

    I agree coincidence.
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    Welcome, AceTrentura

    Welcome aboard bud🤪
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    Welcome, Hugo69

    Howdy & welcome aboard 😀
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    Welcome, preveda

    Howdy and welcome aboard 🙂
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    Welcome, kpearson644

    Welcome aboard 😎
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    Welcome, method_air

    Welcome aboard 😎
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    Welcome, Fulto3

    Welcome aboard. At 20 though, maybe you should see how you can actually use the testosterone that you naturally produce. at your age, 20... as per medical standards you are not even out of puberty. this means any exogenous hormone you introduce to your system will do it’s due course to shut...
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    Dorian Yates- The Genius Scientist of Bodybuilding

    Next on My watchlist😜
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    Dorian Yates- The Genius Scientist of Bodybuilding

    Awesome. Thank you for the great post!
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    Holm or Miesha--Who do you choose

    Holy fuck sticks Batman!
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    Holm or Miesha--Who do you choose

    There was this one time I had a foursome with both of em and Rousey Tagged in.... Then I woke up😜
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    Caber/prami for a deca cycle

    This is what I found with a Deca test and dbol cycle. Normally my estrogen is easily controlled, add Deca and it’s a beast... I was finding Letro wouldn’t even knock down the sides and the lump I get on my right pec. I started .5 Caber a week and it melted away within a few days. I don’t touch...
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    Welcome, cities

    Welcome aboard😜
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    Welcome, Yukonbarbell

    Welcome aboard.
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    What’s your favourite beer?

    I just can’t do it either. 😩
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    What’s your favourite beer?

    Since moving to Ontario from Alberta, I am amazed at the craft selection of Ontario brews. International beers have been a bit of a pain to get her in Toronto though.