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  1. MrMeat

    What's your typical dose of test during low dose cruise

    What's everyone's testosterone dose during a typical low dose cruise?
  2. MrMeat

    Keeping libido high on a low dose cruise

    I would like to get some opinions on how I can keep my libido from crashing while I'm on a low dose cruise. Every time I try to run lower dosages I get side lined by my libido crashing for the duration of the cruise. Mind you I don't get much of a libido boost from test alone and almost always...
  3. MrMeat

    Any Gas and/or HVAC Technicians in the house?

    I'm in the process of starting a new career. I'm currently enrolled in a G3 program at a technical school. This school also offers the G2 program which continues after the G3 is completed. Is it worth it to continue with the G2 right after the G3? Or should I get my G3 then get a job in the...
  4. MrMeat

    Best Pre-work out drink? Best bang-for-buck...

    Can someone please recommend a pre-workout drink? I've been using allmax Razor 8 ( old formula) since it did the job and was relatively inexpensive. New formula has doubled in price.