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    Chest pain

    Yes they did. But I do not plan to continue using it. I will use it until I get steady bp then come off and use holistic medicine to continue healthy bp. I am not a fan of big Pharma and was raised using food and plants as my medicine. Pharma has its place in this word don’t get me wrong. I just...
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    Chest pain

    I knew something wasn’t right. And thanks man
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    Chest pain

    Update. I wanna thank everyone for the responses. I took everyone’s advice and went to emerge. My bp was 180/92 when I got to the hospital! If I had not gone I most definitely would have suffered a heart attack soon after. This experience has taught me to take bp seriously. And to not be...
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    Chest pain

    No kidding right ! I think we are all guilty of this :rolleyes:
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    Chest pain

    Yea there is
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    Chest pain

    Thanks for the replies guys. I didn’t post this for medical answers. To be honest I’m a little worried about it and wondering if I shouldn’t wait for my doc app , and go straight in. There’s a history of high bp in my family. I’m just cruising btw.
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    Chest pain

    Hey everyone! So about 2 weeks ago I started to have a feeling in my chest right around my heart. It was almost like a squeeze like feeling. It started every once in a while, then progressed to constantly through the day. I had a few days in between that time when it almost completely went away...
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    Little silly so don’t laugh too hard...

    Coconut oil! It’s great for everything
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    One board in particular ;)
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    My go to lab for the last year. I’m not shilling.. just love this juice :cool:
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    Word Association........

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    Tren a cycle

    Morning guys. I’m implementing tren into my blast. First run so I’m sorting out details. It’s going to go something like this.. test 250 tren 250 mast 400/W. I’m a strong responder so a little goes a long way for me, even with just test. I wanna start tren/test equal, and adjust tren if need be...
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    Sliding into your DMs

    Hey there CB! Just wanted to formally introduce myself. And I figured this is one of the most frequented threads! I’ve been training for 11 years and have quite a few cycles under my belt! Next on my list is test tren mast .I’m going to be using all short esters, my first time on the tren train...
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    Welcome, Test4life

    Hey CB ! thanks for the add . I’ve been training for 11 years , live in Ontario . I’ve been using gear for about 2 years. Love the lifestyle :cool: