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    First tren run

    Hey man thanks for the response. I’m going to keep the the test the same. It’s what I’m currently cruising at so I see no point in running prop. For the the first week or so I’m going to keep the ace at what I have laid out. It’s strong shit and i wanna see how I react. The mast I run every...
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    First tren run

    It’ll be 150 test 90-150 tren and 300 mast. I haven’t set any weight goals for this cycle. Just going to run it and see how I feel. I was also toying with the idea of low dose mk
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    First tren run

    I’ll be starting with 30mg M/W/F for the first week
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    First tren run

    Hey CB happy Sunday! Well I start my first tren run tomorrow. I had planned one last September but had some minor health issues and put it off till I was clear. I will be running really low doses in the beginning to see how I react. Will update as time progress!
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    INTRODUCTORY 2 - what are you running currently?

    Congrats bro. I got my journeyman a few years back. What trade? I’m an ironworker. We got the 2000 as well when we finished.
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    Protonmail scam?

    I’ve got the same email twice in the last 3 days
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    Introductory , what are you running?

    125 test e cruise atm starting blast next week 💪
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    Looking for help

    I had the same thing my very first cycle. I dropped the lab and changed to another one and haven’t had it since. The said lab was a reputable lab so it wasn’t the quality, just didn’t agree with me. Good luck
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    What’s your career!

    Iron worker (rod)
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    Hey crew, happy weekend. Recently I had a small house fire that happened. No one was hurt, thank god. Unfortunately the fire took out my entire stash. I’m Heartbroken, it honestly feels like loosing a loved one. I’ve spent a long time building up my stash. And to see it gone in the blink of an...
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    Stash pics. Genetec, prosum..etc

    Hey bro .. can I stop in and use your “bathroom” :p
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    Looks good bro. Love this lab. My rep is awesome, always throws in some goodies! Just a heads up don’t throw the T in the dryer... it’ll shrink right up :p no tren?!?
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    Pareto Pharmaceuticals Lab Reviews

    My go to lab 😎
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    hows their tren ace?