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    What's your blood pressure today?

    124/70 HR 68
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    My journey to losing 22lbs of muscle

    Wow! Good luck with your new plan!!!
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    I love this program. It put on a ton of strength and size onto me and a bunch of other people I recommend it to.
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    Word Association........

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    Word Association........

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    Deca dink

    350+mg/wk of mast prop would clear this issue up for you. It won't do much for your gains but it will definitely help with the libido. i wouldn't run deca without it.
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    Heli's Birthday!

    Happy belated birthday 🎂🎂 🎂
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    Canadian Brawn NHL Predictions Contest contest closes Nov 5th 9pm EST

    Stanley Cup Winner--boston Stanley Cup Runner up--edmonton Eastern Conference Champion--boston Western Conference Champion--edmonton Atlantic Division Champion--toronto Metropolitan Division Champion--carolina Central Division Champion--nashville Pacific Division Champion--golden knights Which...
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    Dracorex-Super Deca Blend

    Probably EOD since I will want to take it with a decent dose of test and want to keep the shots 2ml or under so that I can pin the shot anywhere.
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    Dracorex-Super Deca Blend

    I have a date with Dracorex Super Deca February 2020... That's when my next blast will commence 🤩🤩🤩
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    Whats your favorite protein powder?

    Organic rice protein from I don't do well with whey and such the rice protein is an excellent alternative. I also only take powdered protein post workout otherwise my protein comes from solid food the rest of the time. (Powdered protein doesn't keep me full for more the 1...
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    Innovagen Review

    Insanabol... Such a great name 👌
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    Any Gas and/or HVAC Technicians in the house?

    I'm in Ontario. Unfortunately every province has a different governing body and standards. I bit the bullet and decided to take the G2 right after the G3.
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    Dracorex Lab Reviews

    I believe there's some studies out there showing that dmaa helps your muscles contract harder. I have personally felt this effect from dmaa... It seemed to make my lifts more explosive. Dracorex Nitro Dmaa is no exception. I have used a ton of dmaa in the past and the Dracorex product is...