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    As mentioned above the only way around this problem is raised beds. We have bunnies in our yard (they live under a bunker also on our property) and our garden in raised beds and half barrels with no issues. We had some shrubs ground level and the bunnies destroyed them by eating the bark.
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    What he said!!! At 6' and 180lbs you must be pretty new to AAS. Stick to test plus a mild anabolic and tons of food and heavy lifting.
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    Funnyman is the real deal.

    Unfortunately the only cure for bursitis is time and eliminating whatever caused the bursitis in the first place (dragging my elbows on my desk at work). I had bursitis in both elbows, saw the specialist who told me to rest it and that he couldn't do anything for me. It took me 6 months of...
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    Ford F 350 6.7 L powerstroke upgrades

    Here's my baby... 2003 VW Golf Tdi GT 1742 Turbo 3" straight pipe exhaust 11mm IP 764 Power Plus injectors EGR delete South Bend clutch Methanol/Water injection Malone Stage 5 tune Consistently gets 5.5L per 100km Completely rebuilt last summer after it sat in my garage for a few years...
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    Too much test???

    Bro do you even know what OCD means?!?!
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    Too much test???

    Dosages look alright to me as far as size and experience level. The only thing I would change is doing your injections on a every other day schedule... If I were you I would pin 428mg of test (1ml of T400 or 1.7ml test 250 ) and 214mg of Deca (0.9ml of Deca 250) Every other day to maintain...
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    Post workout snack...
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    Post workout snack...

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    Word Association........

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    Word Association........

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    I'm highly allergic to grape seed oil... I suggest you try Dracorex gear instead as the Dracorex gear is in MCT oil and is my gear of choice
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    2020 goals

    My goal is the same as every other year... To get under 250lb. I would like to hover around 240-245lbs. Christmas and visiting my folks got me pushing 265lbs.
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    Word Association........

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    Trenbolone Enanthate (Trenbolone Base + Enanthate Ester)

    I used to swim in the shit a few years back when I competed in Strongman.