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    What App Does everyone use To manage their meals, calories macro nutrients etc.

    its $15/month, but will cancel it after I calculate everything out.
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    What App Does everyone use To manage their meals, calories macro nutrients etc.

    I just picked up the RP app (Renaissance Periodization) and am happy with it so far.
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    vitamin D may help muscle strength as well as other benefits

    I take 4,000 iu’s daily during the months that end in “R” and 3,000 the other months
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    More potential reasons to take creatine

    I just swapped out BCAA’s for EAA’s added branched cyclic dextrin (from Canadian Protein) to creatine monohydrate and drink intra workout. I’m loving it, taking in building blocks, getting crazy pumps and energy from a carb that doesn’t spike insulin with the above benefits from creatine.
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    glutathione question

    Maybe look into liposomal glutathione, it’s been a while since I read up in it- but I think that form is bioavailable.
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    Favorite preworkout stack?

    I actually liked it for work too, but couldn’t sleep at all on it after a while.
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    Stomach Bloating for Unknown Reasons

    I’m the same, I don’t tolerate them as well any more. I get bloated and my skin seems to get affected as well. I just have eggs, chicken or nuts in place of the shakes I used to take.
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    ABMonkey 2:0

    Dude...I followed your first cycle closely and pumped to see how this one goes for you. Excellent detail, dedication and effort you are putting into all of this. Thank you for sharing! When you mentioned forearm fatigue from bike riding- just curious. Dirt Bike riding?
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    Seth Feroce

    “Chicken and Rice Motherfucker!” I love his energy and straight up approach to things. I’ve watched most of his vids and enjoyed them all.
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    ABMonkey: Go time

    Thanks for keeping this going!! Been watching and really interested to see how well you recover. Sounds great so far!
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    Photography Section

    I have a Signa 12-24 for wide angle landscape and have been happy with it. I used to be really into photography and went down the HDR rabbit hole early on. Will post some of my stuff when I get back from vacation. :)
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    Icewood pharma

    My wife used their Anavar at 10 mg/day for 6 weeks and (we both) loved it. Her strength and work capacity shot up and she leaned out a bit.
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    ABMonkey: Go time

    Thanks for the update!! We are snowboarding too, Lake Louise is decent already!
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    ABMonkey: Go time

    Thank you for putting in the effort to share the details of your protocol and results. I’ve been following along here and elsewhere. Really excited to see where you land and to hear your perspective on E control, HCG and PCT when you are all done. I’ve been holding off for a long time, but...