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    At home work outs.

    I have seen John Meadows demonstrate different banded exercises on youtube. I just typed in "John Meadows banded good mornings" and a bunch of videos came up that he made while his gym was closed. Chest, back, legs, shoulders are all covered. Short term, it might be a nice change to...
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    Had to make a choice at work.

    I have to reply. As a guy who is turning 50 next June, I gotta ask....HOW THE F$$K DO YOU CONTINUOUSLY WORK 80hr WEEKS? I did that when I was in my 20's at my uncle's farm. Now? No Thank You!!!!! You did the right thing so stop feeling guilty! We (humans) need balance and you don't have...
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    I work 12 day/night to run GH?

    It's 40% anti-aging and 60% muscle building/bodybuilding. And yes you are 1000% correct.....I over think everything which can be a blessing AND a curse. I really appreciate the feedback you're giving me ABMonkey(y)(y)
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    I work 12 day/night to run GH?

    Thanks for the reply ABMonkey. I was going to PM you, but I don't have to now. It was your post and the positive review that got me thinking about GH. I hope I get a few more replies because I'm still not 100% certain I will get everything out of it because of my work schedule. The rep does...
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    I work 12 day/night to run GH?

    I have never given running GH a serious thought until now. I am 49.5yrs old and have been training half my life. I don't want to compete or be 240lbs. From reading posts, I have some basic knowledge about using GH. I know you should pin first thing in the morning after waking up. And the...
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    Nick Walker

    I enjoy watching his videos. That video is one I haven't seen yet. I'm going to give the Hammer Strength rear delt rows a try tomorrow. Seems like a pretty down to earth guy.
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    Dealing with Canadian Doctors

    But I bet she has no problem setting up a 16 yr old girl on birth control? I believe it was Sunday that I saw the federal government was talking about changing the legalities of some harder drugs because of the increased opiod deaths since the spring. And yet "we" are shit on because of what...
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    Mandatory Masks

    Just read this and I want to comment. I absolutely agree 100% with what is written. I really can't understand the thinking of the clowns in Ottawa about Alberta/Canadian oil. They want to shut down Alberta even though it brings in billions & billions from taxes? We need oil jobs!! I work at...
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    GENETEC DHB Review - OntarioDude

    I read through the post and DHB is indeed an interesting compound. So did you find it was a fat burner like tren? Did it give insomnia like tren?
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    The Final Piece of the Puzzle.....

    Good to hear! Thanks.
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    The Final Piece of the Puzzle.....

    You're 100% correct....but its going in any way :cool:
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    The Final Piece of the Puzzle.....

    I'm curious.....what are your thoughts on it? It's as solid as leg extensions come as far as I can see. Plus I like the heavy stack.
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    The Final Piece of the Puzzle.....

    I bought this bad boy on Sunday morning. I need a leg extension that unbolts so it will fit down the stairs and into my basement gym. The Pro 2 series frame "splits" in half so I can get it into place. Overall I'm not a huge fan of Life Fitness, but this is super solid with a 295lb weight...
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    Gym Equipment Auction

    Just throwing this out there for anyone looking for equipment for a home gym. Keystone Fitness is having an online auction right now. There's quite a few Life Fitness machines, Cybex, and Atlantis. Some are frequently used in the gym (tricep extension, seated leg curl) some not (like back...
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    COVID-19 and Your Significant Other

    No kept man :(. I'm still being paid by my company (although its roughly $455-$470 less take home than my "regular" pay) so I'm still paying my half of the hydro, gas, property taxes, and mortgage. And I'm the one who has put out $14000+ for the equipment, dumbbells, bars in our home gym that...